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6 times Detachable Anatomical eye model

35 times Human skin model with follicle

45cm Unisex human torso model 23 parts

85cm flexible human life size spine model with femur

Professional Life size human skull model with brain and cervical vertebra anatomical models

Multi functional Half body CPR models nursing model

High Defination Multi functional nursing models for basic skills

3 layers human skin silicon suture pads 17 pre-cuts for medical schools use

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Factory Products Introduction

Assemble 142 pcs Molecular models Organic structure model

Metal Dental Sringe for dentist

Human Anatomical Nervous system Model with half brain

Human Life size Knee model with csustomized logo for Teaching use

Educational Human body digetsive system model

Half size Human detailed Circulatory system model

Resuable Arm injection Model Training Mannequin for education