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Advanced human care model

Advanced human care model

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Our high simulation multi-functional nursing teaching human model, vivid image, flexible joints, real touch, accurate anatomy, complete function, convenient disassembly and assembly, durable
Use and so on.
Functional features:
1. Standard body type, complete function, male and female organs can be replaced
2. The flexibility of the limbs is realistic, the stiffness of the joints is simulated, the body can lean forward, and the wheelchair can be used
3. Bed bath and dressing
4. Practice the method of helping the patient move to the head of the bed, the method of using the wheelchair, the method of transporting the flat car, the method of transporting the stretcher-and other methods of moving and transporting the patient
5.. Eye Care
6. Oral care
7. Perform post-tracheotomy care
8. Oxygen inhalation and atomization inhalation therapy can be practiced
9. Nasal feeding (similar to the real clinical environment, when the intubation is not smooth, the gastric tube may be coiled in the oropharynx or into the trachea, and inserted 45-55cm at the same time,
10. Check whether the gastric tube is in the stomach by pumping out the simulated gastric juice)
11. Gastric lavage (with a real stomach that can hold 200-300ml of liquid)
12. Breast care
13. Intramuscular injection
14. There are ileostomy and colostomy in the abdominal wall, and the fluid collection bottle is connected to the inner wall, which can be used for stoma care
15. Urinary catheterization
16. An enema
17. Bandaging of fingers and toes
Packing: 1 PCS/carton, 99x42x52cm, 20kgs

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