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Hand-operated birthing machine rotating model

Hand-operated birthing machine rotating model

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① The whole process of labor and delivery can be taught.
② Fetus, umbilical cord and placenta can be taught by fetal head attraction, the fetal joints
are flexible, and a variety of normal and abnormal fetal position can be demonstrated.
③ Equipped with hand-cranked birthing mechanical parts, through manual hand-crank
ing, it can realize the whole birthing process of articulation, descending, bending, internal
rotation, tilting and extending, reseting and extermal rotation, and delivery of the fetus.
④ It is possible to practice and master the comprehensive skills of normal labor, abnormal
labor (difficult labor), midwifery skills, and perineal protection.
⑤ It is possible to train the operation of separation and exemption for multiple pregnancies
(twin fetuses).
Product Packaging: 47cm*46 cm26 cm 6.5 kgs

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