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Large Screen LCD Color Display Advanced Computer CPR Manikin

Large Screen LCD Color Display Advanced Computer CPR Manikin

Short Description:

One Cardiopulmonary resuscitation dummy
■ One advanced display controller;
■ One resuscitation pad;
1One power adapter;
■One data line;
one box of barrier facial mask (50 sheets /box);
■ Four sets of interchangeable lung sac devices;
■One replaceable facial skin;
Two rolls ofthermal printing paper;
■ One operation manual;

Product Detail

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① The product highlights the auxiliary function ofCPR training operation, as well as the ability to set various values, using a combination ofLCD screen and
digital tube display. More in line with the clinical and teaching practice CPR operation requirements.
② 3.5-inch LCD display: analog ECG, text display that
③ n the initial state, the simulator liquid crystal pupil dilation, carotid artery pulseless. After successful resuscitation, the pupil returns to normal and the
carotid artery pulsates autonomously.
④ Artificial respiration andextermal cardiac compression can be performed. Standard airway opening can be performed and the airway indicator light turns on.
⑤ Three modes of operation: CPR training, mode assessment and practical assessment can be performed.
-Mode l: CPR training, can pertorm compression and blowing training.
-Mode 2: mode assessment, within the set time, according to the 2015 international CPR standards, the correct number of compressions and blowing 30:2
ratio, to complete 5 cycles of operation.
-Mode 3: Practical assessment, the teacher can set the operation time range, operation standard, number of cycles, operation frequency, ratio of compression
and blowing
⑥ Electronic monitoring: electronic indicator light shows to monitor the airway opening and compression site. Corect and incorrect counts of artificial
respiration and chest compressions.
⑦ Voice prompts: English voice prompts throughout the training and assessment, you can tun on and offthe voice and adjust the volume.
⑧ Barcode display blowing volume: the correct blowing volume is 500~600ml-1000ml: barcode displaying the depth of compression, the correct depth of
compression is 5-6cm:
⑨ The operation correct rate can be set by your self. The operation time can be set by yourself, in seconds.
⑩ Operation frequency: 2020 standard is at least 100 times/minute, or you can set your own value.
⑪ Power supply status: 220V power supply is used, and the output power supply is 12V after voltage stabilization by the voltage regulator.
⑫ Printer function: Print the operation process after the operation is finished.
Product Packaging:90cm*36cm*52cm 20kgs(Trolley case packaging)86cm*44cm*32.5cm 14kgs(Handbag packaging)
Converted to half dummy Packaging:80cm*28.5cm*40.5cm 12kgs(Trolley case packaging)75cm*37cm*25cm 10kgs(Handbag packaging)

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