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Life-size anatomical model of a female pelvis

Life-size anatomical model of a female pelvis

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Anatomical pelvic bone model: The Fixed Female Pelvic bone is a detailed, 9.75 “x 6″ x 7 “inch (24.8cm x 15.2cm x 17.8cm) life-size anatomical model of the female pelvis that shows anatomically accurate features of the human female pelvis, including the left and right innominate (hip bones) pelvis (ischium, ilium, and pubic bones), sacrum, and pelvis. Coccygeal and pubic symphysis, acetabulum and obturator foramen; The “cartilage” at the symphysis pubis is included to obtain accurate and realistic details

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【FLEXIBLE MOVEMENT】Flexible bones to demonstrate range of motion and easy removal, Exquisite workmanship, Accurately show every detail.

【Perfect Tools For Teaching & Education】The perfect learning tool for midwives and obstetrics, gynecology and orthopedics,Suitable for hospitals, doctor's office, or anatomy class.

The classic 1:1 anatomical model of the female pelvis was created in collaboration with a medical school professor and art designer. The selected young female skeleton specimens are made from molds with good anatomical detail and scientific nature.

[Detachable design] The female pelvic anatomy model has a wire sleeve system with an active switch for assembly and disassembly. The medical pelvis model is easy to move or carry during teaching, learning and display. The pelvis model consists of two hip bones, sacrum and 4/5 lumbar vertebrae.

[High-quality pelvic skeleton model] The pelvic skeleton model is made of non-toxic PVC material, odorless and friendly. Easy to clean and durable.

[Multi-scenario application] The medical skull model can be used in hospitals, offices, schools and universities. The ideal human anatomical skull model for anyone in the educational or medical field.

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Product Information

Education: Our female pelvic model is connected by elastic cords, and the elasticity can be controlled. The installation is flexible and bendable, helping students better understand the structure of the human body.

Size: 57(L) x 40(W)x57 (D) cm
Weight: 50 sets /carton ,13.5 kgs
 Details: The normal package is Neutral carton . If export to european countries , the Neutral carton will be designed . It depends your order .
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