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Life-size two-part magnetic heart anatomy model

Life-size two-part magnetic heart anatomy model

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Precise Hand-Painted in Detail: The heart model itself is hand painted for an exceptional level of detail, even displaying the texture of the surface of the heart and its features. Life size human heart is a high quality anatomical representation of human heart anatomy.

Superior Quality Human Heart Model: The model of the heart made in non-toxic PVC material, tasteless, easy to clean, can be used with confidence. Able to be washed and the material will last for many years. The life size heart anatomy model is good for the doctor’s office, anatomy classroom, or study aid.

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Life Size Human Heart Model: 2-Parts the 3d heart model is a detailed,5.5*5.5*5.11inch heart model, with labeled diagramlife-size anatomy heart model that shows anatomically accurate features. Human heart model shows 48 anatomical internal structures.

Mounted On a Base Human Heart Model: Human heart model has a light and strong base. The anatomical heart can be removed from the stand for careful inspection of all sides, and one section can be removed for access to chambers, valves, and major vessels for easy study of the internal structures of the heart.

Multi Application Human Heart Model:The life-size heart model allows really easy identification of all anatomical structures in the human heart and is a great learning tool for students or anyone who has interest in anatomy of heart. Also good for clinic demonstration to patients or as an ornament for decorating desks.

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Human heart model is a necessary item for science classes and cardiology research. Our heart anatomical model is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic pvc material, painted by hand with different colors and different digital logos to help you observe and learn different parts intuitively and easily. 2 parts are life-size anatomically accurate numbers The heart medical model is fixed together with the magnet on the base, and the anatomical heart can be removed from the bracket for careful inspection of all sides. If you like it, please rest assured to place an order.


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