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Do you really use a device to look at biopsies

We know that in some plant and animal cells it is necessary to use a microscope for observation. Therefore, the use of bioslicing is inevitable. However, many users do not know how to use bioslicing better. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you how to use bioslicing properly.


1. Take and place the lens: First, hold the microscope arm with the right hand and the microscope base with the left hand to remove the microscope. Then, place it 7cm away from the edge of the experimental platform, slightly to the left, and install the eyepiece and objective lens.

2. Adjust the light: By adjusting the biological microscope converter, the low-power objective is aligned with the light hole, and the aperture is adjusted to a larger size. The left eye focuses on the eyepiece, while the right eye opens and turns the mirror until it sees a bright white circular field of view.

3. Operation steps: First, place the biological specimen to be observed on the microslide and fix it with the clip. It is necessary to ensure that the specimen in the microslide is located in the center of the light hole. Next, turn the coarse focus regulator so that the objective lens is gradually closer to the microslide, while gazing inside the eyepiece with the left eye, and rotate the coarse focus regulator in a counterclockwise direction until the image is clear. The fine focus adjuster can then be used to fine-tune again for a clearer view.

4. Cleaning and storage: The equipment required for the experiment needs to be sorted out, and the biological microscope pieces should be cleaned and put back in the toolbox.

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Post time: Jun-28-2023