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Trinity Health is revolutionizing nursing practice with virtual connected care

The global nursing industry is expected to be short of 9 million nurses by 2030. Trinity Health is responding to this critical challenge by implementing a first-of-its-kind nursing care model in 38 hospital nursing departments in eight states to address these challenges. and improve nursing services, increase job satisfaction, and create career opportunities for nurses at any stage of their career.
The care delivery model is called virtual connected care. It is a true team-based, patient-centered approach that uses technology to support front-line care staff and improve patient interactions.
Patients receiving care through this delivery model can expect to be treated by direct care nurses, on-site nurses or LPNs, and by nurses with virtually remote access to the patient’s room.
The team provides comprehensive care as a cohesive and tightly knit unit. Based on a local campus rather than a remote call center, a virtual nurse can remotely access complete medical records and even perform a detailed examination using advanced camera technology. Having experienced virtual nurses provides valuable guidance and support to direct care nurses, especially new graduates.
“Nursing resources are insufficient and the situation will only get worse. We need to act quickly. Workforce shortages have disrupted the traditional hospital care model, which is no longer optimal in some settings,” said Gay Chief Nursing Officer Dr. Landstrom, RN. “Our innovative model of care helps nurses do what they love most and provide patients with exceptional, professional care to the best of their ability.”
This model is a key market differentiator in solving the nursing workforce crisis. Additionally, it serves caregivers at all stages of their careers, provides a stable and predictable work environment, and helps build a strong workforce of caregivers to meet future health care needs.
“We recognize the critical need for new solutions and are taking a bold step to revolutionize the way health care is delivered,” said Muriel Bean, DNP, RN-BC, FAAN, senior vice president and chief health information officer. “This model not only solves the pressing problems we face as physicians through creativity and ingenuity, but also improves care delivery, increases job satisfaction and paves the way for future nurses. It is truly the first of its kind. Our unique strategy, with a true team model of care, will help us usher in a new era of excellence in care.”

Post time: Nov-17-2023