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Typhoon brought heavy rain, major disaster

It is expected that from 8 am to 8 am on August 3, the Hetao area of Inner Mongolia and the northeast, the southern Heilongjiang, the central and western Jilin, the eastern part of Qinghai, the northern part of Shaanxi, the northern part of Shanxi, the northern part of Hebei, the eastern part of Zhejiang, the northern part of Taiwan Island and other places will have 8-10 thunderstorm and wind or hail weather, the local wind can reach 11-12, and there may be tornado;

The Hetao region of Inner Mongolia and the northeast, the central and southern Heilongjiang, the central and northeastern Jilin, the eastern part of Qinghai, the northern part of Shaanxi, the northern part of Shanxi, the northern part of Hebei, the eastern part of Beijing, the western and southern part of Sichuan Basin, the western part of Chongqing, the central and western part of Guizhou, the southern part of Yunnan, the southeastern part of Guangxi, the coastal part of the southwestern part of Guangdong, the western and northern part of Hainan Island, and the island of Taiwan will have short-term heavy precipitation days Gas, hourly rainfall 40-70 mm, local up to 80 mm or more. It is expected that the main period of strong convection will be from day to night today.
The meeting of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Emergency Management stressed that it is necessary to clearly understand the severity and complexity of the current flood control and disaster relief situation, further give full play to the functions of the National General Office of Prevention, and coordinate the implementation of various flood and typhoon prevention measures.

We will continue to guide personnel in search and rescue and handling the aftermath. Actively cooperate with local and relevant departments to open up transport channels as soon as possible, and strive to rescue trapped passengers in the shortest possible time. We will spare no effort to search and rescue the missing and trapped people in the affected areas, urge and guide local authorities to approve the number of people as soon as possible, and timely report and release authoritative information. Spare no effort to treat the wounded. Do a good job of safety protection of rescue workers, scientific and safe rescue.

Keep an eye on the flood and hold tight. Pay close attention to the flood process, and guide relevant localities to do their best to patrol and defend embankments. Pre-positioned team materials are deployed in front to ensure that dangerous situations are discovered and effectively disposed of in the first time. Working groups and experts were dispatched in a timely manner to cooperate with water conservancy and other departments in scientific research, judgment, and efficient disposal of dykes, organized professional rescue forces to evacuate threatened people in advance, strengthened the investigation and control of flood storage areas, and adopted engineering measures to reinforce and remove risks and divert flood water.

It is necessary to do a thorough and meticulous job in disaster relief. We will keep abreast of local difficulties and the needs of the affected people, and urge local governments to release relief funds and materials as soon as possible and prudently settle the affected people. Coordinate health and disease control departments to carry out centralized disinfection, and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures in mass settlement sites.

We need to promote recovery and reconstruction as soon as possible. We will speed up the repair of damaged infrastructure and help the affected people return to their homes and normal production and life order as soon as possible. Coordinate relevant departments to organize forces to comprehensively investigate the risks of geological disasters in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei mountain area, immediately implement control measures for new and increased risks, and strictly prevent casualties caused by secondary disasters.

We must not relax in the follow-up process of heavy rainfall and typhoon preparedness. We will consult with meteorological, water conservancy, natural resources and other departments to issue early warning information in a timely manner, initiate emergency response, urge relevant localities to tighten the main responsibilities and guarantee responsibilities for flood control and relief, and strictly implement the early warning “call and response” mechanism. At the same time, continue to guide Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other regions to do a good job in drought relief.

Post time: Aug-03-2023