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PVC medical human anatomical model showing kidney ureter bladder uterus teaching equipment

PVC medical human anatomical model showing kidney ureter bladder uterus teaching equipment

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Features: This model is an intuitive teaching aid for physiology and hygiene courses in secondary schools. Help students understand the shape of the main organs of the genitourinary system and the structure of the kidneys, bladder, penis and testes. The model is made of PVC and rests on a plastic base


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    PVC Medical Human Anatomic Anatomical Models Showing Kidney Ureters Urinary Bladder Uterus Accessories Female Urogenital System

    1.The product is made of eco-friendly low toxicity and safe high quality PVC.

    2.Never stink.The smell of plastic products is an extremely important indicator to measure its environmental and safety effect .Those plastic products which let you can not bear its smell in a long run must be uneco-friendly and even toxic ,unsafe.

    3.Never distortion.nough material to ensure there is sufficient thickness of the model rather than rely on fillers to keep the shape ,it can stand 40-60 centidegree temparature and win the test of high temparature inside the container ,never deformation.

    4.Not easy to broken .The capacity to stand pressure is another extreme important indicator.

    5.No effusion liquid.some domestic manufacturer of similar products prowide cheap items ,but after a period of time of deposition ,the products would begin to penetrate the viscous oil-like liquid,and would issue intolerable bad smell .As the result ,after a considerable period of time ,with the thining and distorting of the model ,it would cause the product can not upright stand .

    6.Easy to preserve and transport .

    7.Typical issue &Clear image,vibrant colors.As the picture you sent to me so clear ,the details can be seen clearly.our products is just the same ,vibrant colors used to indicate variours anatomic structures,maticulously made

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