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Ultrassist Transparent Disease Teeth with Dental Implant Bridge Dental Model

Ultrassist Transparent Disease Teeth with Dental Implant Bridge Dental Model

Short Description:

Transparent Pathological Teeth Model shows Dental Bridges, Maryland Bridge, Dental Implants, Dental Cavities, Decay in pulp, Dental cysts, Root canal, and impacted teeth.   It will provide patients with a better and visual understanding of what their dentists are verbally describing to them.

Adult dental models are natural size and made of durable acrylic.   The high-transparency tooth models can visually show tooth structure and function.

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Dental model consists of detachable components for easy removal and installation.   The transparent design provides full visibility of tooth implants and root structures.

The dental teaching model can be opened 290° to enable full view of all teeth in both the upper and lower jaw individually or completely.   This dental model is ideal for pathological study and display for patient education or dental student training.

Dental model are ideal for patient education;   dentists use it to explain and illustrate treatment plans with patients.   The dental models are also perfect for dental students to study pathological teeth.   Parents can use the teeth model to teach their children what a sick tooth looks like and how to take good care of their teeth.

Item Size  9.5*8*6.2cm,250g
Package Size  60pcs/carton ,50*40*40cm,16kg
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Functions and applications

1. Transparent gums, can clearly see the tooth root situation;

2. Display of implant teeth, teeth that can be removed, convenient for medical explanation, demonstration and communication;

3. The appearance level of tooth root canal diseases showed details of lesions from the root of teeth to gums.

4. Even bridge teeth and detachable teeth can be well selected and understood by doctors and patients;

5. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, etc., which you can see.

Transparent structure and High quality material,Brand new Natural size model For dental lab using ,dentist studying and researching.
* Applicable to hospital medical affairs, nursing staff continuing education, clinical teaching and practical operation training.
* Allows viewing and understanding of the shape of teeth, the relationship between teeth and gums, and can be used as a demonstration operation for oral cleaning and health care.

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